March 28, 2015

Growing up one block South of Lake Calhoun in the 1970's meant two things:

1) Over-charging for watered-down Kool-Aid on the boulevard

2) Wearing a neighbor's pilly-bottomed blue leotard for a swimsuit

Like little ducklings, we'd follow my mom down the block for a day at Thomas Beach; she'd stand ankle-deep in the water, hands on hips, plotting, and staring at the only skyscraper in the Minneapolis skyline.

March 21, 2015

Just when I thought it was safe to burn my foot-shaped Smartwool socks, Spring decided to retreat.

At least I have feet.

Am I right?? Although, I'd be grateful for stump-shaped Smartwool socks.


Here's a card:

Oh, and Jen and I chose the cards for The Spring Release!

March 15, 2015


Who am I to deprive the masses of their Zeichen Press cards?? 

Zeichen Press "art" was "punched up", PDF's were emailed to art licensing companies, and virtual hugs and kisses were exchanged. Look (soon) for some of our cards (NOT letterpress printed) in Big Box stores across the country.

And by look, I mean buy.

IF you don't have some cute independent store near you. OR if you don't care about letterpress printing. OR if you refuse to shop in our store. OR you are already buying a stroller and paper towels and light bulbs and ground beef and toilet paper and shampoo.

A teaser:

March 8, 2015

Is Spring really here?

Not sure...

Let's pretend it is. Let's let me live in a world filled with hope! My obsessive weather-tracking (hourly checking my weather app) has proven to be successful.

It won't be long before smartwool socks are shed and (my) legs are shorn.

Stay tuned...

Here are a couple cards I made instead of penning a suicide note.



February 27, 2015

As I said goodbye to yet another kitten from our cat ranch,

I thought to myself, "I bet this is exactly how Beyoncé feels when she drops an album." And then I thought, "My skin is so dry."

I wish I could travel back in time... back to the 1970's when there were environmental chambers built into the walls of health club locker rooms... (I think this is a real memory and that I'm not just pasting a false memory on top of a traumatic childhood locker room incident... those topless moms blow-drying their hair... Wait, am I?? Omg... Beep beep boop: Tropical Rainforest?? Yes, please!)

NO MATTER, here's a new card!


February 20, 2015

Some things are predictable - and thank goodness! It's important to have things to count on... runny noses in February, militant-radical beheadings, and birthdays.

The kittens just stole the strand of toilet paper that I was using to wipe my runny nose, ISIS militants cover their faces in black balaclavas, and I write birthday cards.


February 15, 2015

My grandpa's battleship was bombed and he had to tread water for 13 hours WHILE he kept his unconscious buddy afloat. That was just like the time in 2009 that I swam out to meet the seal.


It's mid-February in Minnesota.

February 6, 2015

When Pam (our New England rep) calls me, I have to think for a second... Is this Classic Pam the Cat calling me from beyond the grave? 

But no, that would be silly! Classic Pam is too busy.

Pam spent last week at the Javits center in New York, I think because she loves us. 

We love you too, Pam.

She is faxing orders over willy-nilly and I am busily taking pictures of kittens. 

(She'll thank me later.)