April 24, 2016

1985 : Minneapolis

One 13 year old girl (me) biked to Calhoun Square in Uptown to buy a record for her friend's birthday and almost kept it for herself (myself).

I might have forgotten to ask to borrow the bike from my sister. And might have forgotten to ask permission from my mom to bike there. And I might have not brought a bike lock. And the bike might have been stolen from the entrance where it was super-discreetly parked behind the Calhoun Square signage. AND I might have had to walk home. 

But how could I not risk everything (being grounded) to get that album when I was pretty sure Prince wrote Paisley Park about me??:

Colorful people whose hair

On 1 side is swept back



April 12, 2016

After coughing the web of mucus from my throat, it was time to choose paper and envelope colors for the Spring Release.

Dinah told me later that she was plotting my murder while I took this photo.

Oh, Dinah! What will make you snap?!

Wait, tell us more about the web of mucus!

No! No more. Onto more important things.

Like frogs im Deutschland.

Who needs pants when you have legs like that? Amiright??

March 31, 2016

Miss Sherman was our 5th grade music teacher and aside from corporeal punishment and unruly hair, she was perfect. Every week, students were encouraged to bring in their favorite record album. And because lessons are best learned through repeated humiliation (read about First Picture Day at my new school), I brought in my favorite album.

...I wonder what the other kids brought! This is SO much fun! ...Wait... Michael Jackson, Off The Wall... The Cars, Panorama??...

Oh, Kermit! Nobody understands us/Miss Sherman forgot to call on me/oh look, this record barely sticks out between my stack of books/these darn Fall allergies make my eyes water!

I wouldn't tell my mom about this while I stood by the piano as she played folk songs and I sang my little heart out. I WOULDN'T.

What I'm trying to say is that Jen and I picked cards for our Spring Release.

Here's a teaser:

March 18, 2016

One of our many cats had chronic diarrhea. We kept her around because she produced litter after litter of adorable white kittens.

And because coming home was always a surprise -- where would we find her poop today?? In the mitten-bin... in the laundry basket... under my daughter's pillow??

Life is so full of surprises! 

Like, when the vet called to say she died after he removed her ovaries. SURPRISE! Oh, but now she doesn't send us on poop-hunts, because she's buried in a shallow grave in the backyard.

First life zigs, and then it zags!

March 8, 2016


Broken femur?


February 20, 2016

Like a chicken, I am cooped up in my house... Day after day after day, longing to be free-range. I busy myself with cat photography

and new designs for RSVP. Which will be chosen for Valentine's Day 2017?? Stay tuned...

February 9, 2016

Nothing could come between a girl and her Etch A Sketch in 1981.


Just look at that tight-lipped concentration... LOOK AT IT.

Maybe I was creating a message for my mom? Or a beautiful design? Or a note to my brother begging him to stop slowly poisoning my parakeet and calling me Oot Head.


My Etch A Sketch has been replaced with 10,000 pounds of letterpress equipment, a laptop, and Jen. (Sorry, Jen.)

Here's a new Valentine's Day card... Lead type and an antique cut can barely compare to the magic of my childhood.


January 31, 2016

Sandwiched between Woodworking II

and tanning booths at Golden Tan in the Richfield Hub (Um, Off-Campus Study HalI),

was a class called Printmaking

*Actual linocut carved while under Sr. Bernardine's tutelage. 

Maybe I should thank Sr. Bernardine ('s grave) for opening my mind to all things print-related? 

Inspired by that lil' puppy: