November 21, 2015

**An Open Letter to Alexis Stewart:

Dear Alexis Stewart,

If you want to be friends with me, just ask. You don't need to buy all of your Christmas and birthday AND Mother's Day cards from me.

Friends Forever,



Whew! I'm glad I got that out of the way! Thanks to Mail Chimp, our email-blast campaign was full of success.

Wanna know what Mother's Day card Martha Stewart is getting in 2016???


November 13, 2015

Does my IQ have to be higher to understand Sci-Fi films??  

As the credits rolled for Interstellar, I whispered, to myself, "whaaat???" Maybe I should have taken 100 classes to prep me? All of that technlogy and time-talk made me wish I was working on the new Zeichen Press catalog that Jen so agressively marked-up.

I'LL GET TO IT. As soon as I finish rewatching Mad Men.

And while I'm (not) doing that, The Intern

is gallivanting about in Italy like some sort of hippie. Well, let's just see if you have a studio to come home to. (OMG, I'M KIDDING. Please come home. And bring us souvenirs.)

November 4, 2015


~Fran Shea

These cards stopped me right in my (dog) poop-covered tracks:

Let's be friends, Emily McDowell.

Too needy? 

creatives, True Story
October 27, 2015

Dinah always makes such a big deal about choosing paper and envelope color for a new release. 

First, she has Jen print a card:

And then she does this:

Next, she has Jen fan out envelope options:

And then she does this:

She is such a taskmaster.

October 26, 2015

Greeting cards would be better if they were huge. And I could wipe my feet on them.

And what better way to spread the Good Word of Zeichen Press than by emblazoning it upon the doormat of every doorstep for every home throughout the land?

High Cotton makes lots of things, for lots of people. And now they will make doormats for us. I mean, for you. They'll make doormats for you. Designed by us.


October 17, 2015

...El Niño. I know I'm supposed to be cursing Climate Change... I KNOW.

But how can I curse when meteorologists are predicting a warmer-than-usual winter??

I must embrace the phenomenon the way a mother embraces her wayward son.

IN OTHER NEWS, Jen and I chose 12 cards for the next release using darts, a cardboard cutout of Steve Buscemi, and our first-aid kit.

Here's a teaser:

And because I always plan ahead, here's a new Father's Day card:

October 8, 2015

I'm not sure if he was gently curb-stomped, or he bit into a fresh apple. Either way, he lost his front teeth.

September 28, 2015

Do you fantasize about a service that would lick your stamps (and mail awesome cards to a list of people in your address book)??


Have you heard of Postable??

Let me help you understand... YOU. PICK. THE. AWESOME. CARD.

It's not like some design-it-yourself-drag-and-drop BULLSH*T. 

Did I mention that there are Zeichen Press cards in their line?? (NOT letterpress printed, BUT STILL.)

Now there really is zero excuse to NOT send a card IN THE MAIL.

*Stay tuned: Postable will be adding MORE Zeichen Press cards this week.*

WAIT, I didn't mention the most important part: