Zeichen Press is Fran Shea, Jen Shea and 10,000 pounds of letterpress equipment. The division of labor goes something like this: Fran talks a lot and Jen does everything else. If you’d like to see how this could work for you and/or your company, contact us. Jen will pick up the phone and Fran will talk to you.

The message is fresh, funny, offbeat, and refreshingly honest. The design is bold and smart. The method is letterpress. VERY old-school. Think chamber pots and blood-letting. Think flogging-in-the-town-square. Think Wanted Posters… Think Bibles: So grim, so serious. Now stop thinking about that. Zeichen Press brought letterpress and humor together – at last! We’d like to give all the credit to indoor plumbing.

jen & fran june 2009 press kit smiling.cabinet