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  • Tricked-Out Identity

    (Not secret) identity for a Minneapolis faux finisher: Gorecki Studios

  • Adagio Business Cards

    Could be the only business card with a Mayan Goddess on it. I doubt it. For Adagio.

  • Grand Hand Buckslip

    Handmade for the Gand Hand Gallery in St. Paul, MN.

  • Chop!

    Chop and business card for Performance Acupuncture in Linden Hills.

  • A Serious Card

    Serious business lady by day, JSTK by night.

  • Whirligig Business Card

    The business card of every man’s dreams.

  • Zeichen Press logo & Business cards


  • Colored acetate + laser = JSTK Biz cards

    Colored acetate met a laser beam and grown men cried. For JSTK.

  • Pretty Fluffy Chicken

    This chicken needed a logo and business cards. Who am I to judge?

  • Vandalia Street Press

    It’s lead type! It’s a street! It’s a car! It’s a logo!