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Slightly Different

published by Fran Shea

Usually bragging is reserved for Facebook, family newsletters, and prison cells. But showering has made me feel fancy and solitary confinement has made me such a blabbermouth!
SO behold our new bathroom:bathroom-newMillie wanted to show off the bathroom but she isn’t tall enough to open the backdoor.squirrel-millie-wordsToo bad we re-screened that door!

Did that squirrel even know he/she was the color of my new grout?? I’m kidding! I’m sure he/she did!

Speaking of Dove Gray™ grout, (WERE WE??) I made a new card. Intern #1 said it was Mom Humor. I told her to go to her

Birthday Eve

published by Fran Shea

I am reflective as I sit, sipping my Hill Bros. latte and picking popcorn hulls out of my teeth. Lucky for me I was born right in the middle of the most optimistic month of the year. People (in Minnesota) born in April are sunny and full of, what the French call, naiveté. C’est vrai!

Embrace it, you Spring Chickens!

Here’s a new birthday card I just gave myself: