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published by Fran Shea

And like the phoenix, the New Patina (50th & Bryant) has risen from the ashes of the Old Patina! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! 

I have said, AND I QUOTE, “If Patina carried a coffin, I would kill myself just to be buried in it.”

You may now throw-up. (I swear I’ll never quote myself again.)

It’s weird that the following photos have Zeichen Press cards in the foreground:

We want to be more than just friends with: Patina

published by Fran Shea

Patina-> So many locations.

Another profile for the special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.

I’ll tell you what Patina doesn’t sell: beer bongs, hazmat suits,

DIY cryogenics kits or kittens. And, while I’m still waiting for such a shop to open, (perhaps in the afterlife) I must admit that Patina has nailed the drag-me-out-of-this-store-before-I-spend-all-of-my-money formula.

Owners, Rick Haase and Christine Ward comb the planet in search of gifts for your (my) Aunt Lynn, Uncle John, teenager, baby, mom, neighbor, lawyer, therapist, evil twin,

dog or bf (blind faction). I don’t even know what I did for gifts (yes, I do – homemade soap anyone?) before Patina opened its doors on 5oth and Bryant. I can’t even think of another shop (I can, but they don’t carry Zeichen Press goods – yet) in the Twin Cities that has so successfully cemented itself into our retail subconscious. (Did you even know you had a retail subconscious?? Everyone does, without it we would only shop at Walmart.)