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Stamp-Lickin’ So You Don’t Have To

published by Fran Shea

Do you fantasize about a service that would lick your stamps (and mail awesome cards to a list of people in your address book)??


Have you heard of Postable??

POSTABLE logopostable grab how it worksDid I mention that there are Zeichen Press cards in their line?? (NOT letterpress printed, BUT STILL.)Merdankcias postableprinting and mailing circle tenderlyNow there really is zero excuse to NOT send a card IN THE MAIL.

*Stay tuned: Postable will be adding MORE Zeichen Press cards this week.*

WAIT, I didn’t mention the most important part:

Gratitude For Summer Intern Expressed Through Semaphore (Etc.)

published by Fran Shea

I wrapped myself in bacon yesterday for a phone interview with Mpls. St. Paul magazine.

I was, I’m sure, delicious.

She wanted to talk about the new book but I wanted to talk about the last episode of Long Island Medium.

long island medium

She said she was too “busy” to talk about what I wanted to talk about. What? Too busy to care??

Moving on:

Zeichen Press found a new intern and she already promised to fold my laundry. I’ll give her this new card as soon as she puts my clothes