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Countdown or Tally

published by Fran Shea

Is Spring really here?

Not sure…

Let’s pretend it is. Let’s let me live in a world filled with hope! My obsessive weather-tracking (hourly checking my weather app) has proven to be successful.

It won’t be long before smartwool socks are shed and (my) legs are shorn.

Stay tuned…

Here are a couple cards I made instead of penning a suicide note.

(Graduation)you mathed so hard(Encouragement)shit creek grab

Inspiration Constipation Frustration

published by Fran Shea

I’ve been told that life is full of challenges. And I’m sure that, someday, I’ll encounter one. I hope it’s not a shipwreck or banishment. …I will probably contract the Ebola Virus. I designed a card for myself in preparation.organs-turn-to-gravy

Oh, but here’s a more “buyable” card for those of us that need encouragement:battling-my-illness

Clichés and Slogans

published by Fran Shea

Are non-Western cultures conversations peppered with trite, colloquial sayings?

Like, in Kapushi, Zambia (population: 26 people per mile) — does one friend say to another (in Kaonde) upon receiving news that their baby was trampled by antelope, “Everything happens for a reason”? 

These condensed and optimistic phrases are woven into our chats and unless you are a hermit or deaf, we are all guaranteed to hear at least one per day.a-blessing-in-disguise-blue