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  • Zeichen Press: Promo

    We really don’t mean to make other promotional pieces feels bad. Oh wait, yes we do.

  • JSTK Animation

    View the intro shot in the bathtub for the JSTK Instructional Series.

  • Who is Tanek Inc.?

    Meet the architects and designers of Tanek in their native (Minneapolis) habitat.

  • Craftstravaganza 2011!

    A poster for the people.

  • Jelly Shot Test Kitchen : #1

    Here’s how to make the classy Cosmopolitan into a Jell-O shot.

  • Jelly Shot Test Kitchen : #2

    How to make American lemonade speak (slurred) French. Oui oui!

  • Jelly Shot Test Kitchen : #3

    Good luck keeping the kids away from these Blow Pop Jell-O shots.

  • CodeWeavers Impersonator

    CodeWeavers makes software that lets your Mac run Windows. Pardon me, lets your Mac IMPERSONATE Windows. (Please, hold your applause until the end of the show.)

  • Alice & Bryce * Wedding Ceremony Program

    If you are getting married and you are in my family and your name is Alice, I’ll make these wedding ceremony programs for you.


  • Helen & Chad

    DO NOT crash this wedding. But if you do, bring a crockpot.