Kool-Aid Stands and Rocking Horses

published by Fran Shea

Before Cape Cod (could that be the most irritating thing I’ve ever written?? MAYBE), summer days were spent “building” backyard forts, floating to the middle of Lake Calhoun in an orange rubber raft (sans life jackets), stubbing big toes while walking to the beach, and selling Kool-Aid in front of our neighbor’s house to thirsty-passersby.

I don’t remember seeing a nickel of the profit, but I didn’t even care because I didn’t even know what money was for anyway and I looked like this:

Fast-forward 40 years to these kids selling LEMONADE across the street from our house and I’m pretty sure their parents were a part of the whole thing. I mean, look at that professional signage.

I bet none of these girls even wears a neighbor’s hand-me-down unitard for a swimsuit! I’m going to give this birthday card to one of them so they really understand life before it’s too late.

I’m sure their parents will thank me.

1 thought on “Kool-Aid Stands and Rocking Horses”

  1. This story is too funny! The unitard steals the show. It almost looks like a long t shirt. I love the summer short list of unsupervised activities because that’s all there were for us as kids. I remember getting hurt constantly and running home bloody and crying, Haha! And for sure the sign and lemonade have adult fingers all over it! Aaron has done the same.for our kids as I shake my head…

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