“dial B for Birthday”

published by Fran Shea

I’ve set a goal for myself. 25 birthday cards by January 1. Patina wants more birthday cards and dammit they are going to get more birthday cards. Why am I sucking up to that cutesy pootsy boutique? Because I LOVE IT. Oh, how I love it… If Patina carried a coffin, I would kill myself just to be buried in it.

Here’s a new card. – Designed on the computer, soon to be a plate, soon to be inked, soon to be part of our illustrious line.

"dial B for Birthday"


By the way, I AM counting the Trader Joe’s rejects in my 25. So, 25-8=17. I used a calculator. Seriously.

3 thoughts on ““dial B for Birthday””

  1. Fran. Please stop being so damn funny, creative and swell in general. Just when I think I am all the above….well, NOOOO, here comes ‘ole Fran making it all seem so effortless! Why I oughta…make you a hawk baby, that’s what.


  2. Brilliant card design! Next to Holiday cards, birthday cards are the next most difficult thing to design-just about everything under the sun has been done already. I admire your challenge to do 25 designs– I think I would quit after 2.

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