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We want to be more than just friends with: Boo Radley’s

published by Fran Shea

Boo Radley’s-> 232 N. Howard Spokane, WA 99201

ANOTHER profile for that special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.

Aside from worm farms and taxidermy, I am most attracted to gift stores filled with oddball items. I know I’m not alone – at least not in Spokane, Washington. Boo Radley, that pasty (and super oddball) character from To Kill A Mockingbird, has opened a gift store. I say, good for him! I will put on my ham costume and let him walk me home anytime.

A few items off of the shelves:
Minding a calendar would never be a chore if I had this:

And how about all of the babies that would enjoy being tucked into their cribs with one of these?:

This looks educational as well as delicious. I’ll take 3:

Spokane! What my freak magnet has joined together… let no man put asunder!

I got into Harvard! (Bookstore)

published by Fran Shea

My SAT scores were never high enough to get me into an Ivy League school. I’m kidding. I never took that stupid test. I’m kidding. That test isn’t stupid. I’m kidding. Yes, it is. I’m not bitter, I’m funny. Tell me I’m funny.

ANYWAY, finallythose Harvard braniacs can correspond properly.

Send me a love letter, Harvard alum, Mark Zuckerberg. 

Some of the chosen cards were:

As for that last choice: That gal is talking about his beach ball. HIS BEACH BALL.

We want to be more than just friends with: i like you

published by Fran Shea

i like you –> 501 First Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

The first in a new series devoted to (not racially) profiling shops that carry Zeichen Press goods. I can assure you, it won’t be the last.

Sarah and Angela (or is it Angela and Sarah?)sarah-angela-on-the-grass-2

are craft benefactors. Every square inch of their shop is filled with sweetness via craftiness. The gals (that’s what I call them – I’m sure they call me something) have packed all of the fun (and none of the lunch tables) of an urban craft fair into their North East shop. It’s a wonder to behold…


We want to be more than just friends with: Hot Plate

published by Fran Shea

Hot Plate-> 5204 Bloomington Ave South Minneapolis, MN 55417

ANOTHER profile for the special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.
I had no idea that I loved to be surrounded by paint-by-number art and Paula figurines. Who could know something like that? I was once surrounded by prosthetic limbs
(thanks etsy) but it didn’t feel as cheery as you might think. Something about the deadness. Oh, and I’m not a food critic. I don’t criticize food. Except for the time I got that French Silk Pie from Bakers Square. Why was that pie like a thousand enemas?
And now I’m going to talk about breakfast.
How did Carrie Lewis and Sam Beberg do it?!

Hot Plate proves that kitsch is cool – from the (spotless) mid-century inspired decor to the classic (updated) mid-western fare. *It would be irresponsible to not warn you about the Mexican Omelette. You will never forget it… it will give you no peace and will call to you in your dreams.

Airplane Safety Card (continued)

published by Fran Shea

After a harrowing day at the beach, I had to stop into the Brewster General Store


to check out their card selection – one thing is clear: they might have enough rubber lobsters but they do need some letterpress from Minnesota. I will see what I can do about that.

A day at the beach always includes:yellow-bucket-450x427

That poor thing has been around for such a long time.

bucket-on-millway-450x426 yellow-bucket-anthony-will-lucy-450x337 betsy-ross-and-bucket-450x343 washington_crossing_delaware-bucket-450x285

Airplane Safety Card

published by Fran Shea
The trip to the Cape always begins with studying the airplane safety card.
When we land alive, I kiss the filthy airport carpeting and raise my fists in the air in triumph.
The drive from Boston to the Cape included a pit-stop for newborn-sized burritos and an impromptu visit to a little stationery store in Hingham called social graces – adorable! This just proves my theory that Hingham has newborn-sized burritos and little stationery stores.
The Cape is paradise, as usual – except for the E. coli outbreak – that’s Electronic coli. We had to boil our water – it reminded me of Mexico – without the drug mules. And everything else.
To be continued…
barn-on-commerce-450x427 cobb-hill-2010-450x427