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January 11, 2015

I shed my layers this week and exposed my sun damaged, yet somehow pale, flesh to anyone unfortunate enough to glance over at me.

Sun was absorbed, golf carts were driven, and books were begun.


Golf carts were driven.



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December 30, 2014

OR to use a term I (maybe) coined:


I've been enjoying hour after hour of On Hold Music

and eating all of the Holiday Cookies.

Oh, AND setting up a GoFundMe for Tib The Cat. (Donate today to be eligible for one free kitten. Please. I beg of you.)




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December 23, 2014

Thanks to buzzfeed quizzes, examining my conscience is so much easier. And shouldn't we all ask ourselves those tough questions this time of year? "If I were a pizza, what kind would I be?" Or, "Do I prefer Miley Cyrus from her Hanna Montana days or on a Wrecking Ball?" 

But what is a life if it's not examined? Not picked apart? Not squeezed like an engorged tick in a ziplock baggie?

I make cards between all of this productive introspection. Sometimes fictional creatures are harmed. Sometimes, they are spared.

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

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December 12, 2014

My agent wants a second book, he assures me that he'll sell this one. He better, because I bought a $95 rug from Target. We're not all fancy New Yorkers, Peter. WE'RE NOT.

So, it looks like this Winter will look just like last Winter... Except, I had the kids drag the trunk down from the attic for a coffee table.

Oh, the cats? Never mind those. This place is crawling with them.

Fine, here's this year's Christmas tree. 

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December 4, 2014

Where can a person do all of their Christmas (AND CHANUKAH) shopping?? 


Shut your mouth.

Let me be more specific. LET ME.

Where can a person do all of their Christmas (AND CHANUKAH) shopping for amazing hand-made gifts while laughing with friends and/or family, eating ethnically diverse foods, AND SEE FRAN AND JEN??


Omg... that's TOMORROW! Oh, THAT'S what Jen has been talking about! And THAT'S what these boxes are for!


See you there!



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November 25, 2014

Last night, I dreamt I took a day trip to Manitoba. Just an afternoon of pool-swimming at an area motel. I came home and bragged to everyone, "I went to Manitohhhba today."

Two observations:

1) No wall-less public toilet in this dream?? That's right. Who's in charge now, Dreams??

2) My dreams have finally taken me to Canada...

AND ANOTHER THING: Winter came completely out of nowhere this year. One week it was 71°, and the next week, I had to break out the Smartwool. "Oh, Minnesota! You are so crazy! Potholes and moquitoes and icehouses!"

Shut up.

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November 5, 2014

And maybe a pregnant cat.

Don't say anything. JUST DON'T. Tib might have snuck out the window like some sort of wild teenager. We'll know as soon as we catch her in the kitchen with a tub of Ben & Jerry's.

In other (less controversial) news from the Zeichen Press Headquarters: The new cards are all printed and in the shop! Wanna see?

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July 22, 2014

Don't you hate looking at photographs when you're not in them?

Me too!

Oh, and I made this for my gals.