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January 29, 2015

Spruce & Gussy -> 12 Mount Desert St. Bar Harbor, Maine

ANOTHER profile in that special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.

Alright, put on your mukluks, shove a wedge of chewing tobacky between your cheek and gum, and head Northeast. 
**Weather Update: New England was CRIPPLED by, like, three feet of snow the other day. BUT BAR HARBOR DON'T CARE. They took it like a man. A man who is not wearing his orange jumpsuit.
When (not IF) I get to Bar Harbor, I will make but one stop: Spruce & Gussy.
Shopping for all of my small-box items will be dreamy...
Look for me, Michelle & Patti.
Look for me and my new friend, Bob Ross.

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September 6, 2014

Portobello Road and Rags -> 4 Dock Street Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, MA

ANOTHER profile in that special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.

Great. Now I HAVE to go to Martha's Vineyard.

But I'll do it for you, reader, because I'm a giver. A GIVER.

Will residents of Martha's Vineyard embrace Zeichen Press cards? Will they clutch them to their breast while weeping tears of joy and relief?? WILL THEY??

Oh, Carly Simon! Let us both wear our overalls, place one of our feet delicately upon a fieldstone wall, and laugh and laugh while we read Zeichen Press cards that we (you) bought from Portobello Road!

Yes, LET'S.


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June 20, 2013

Counting is not as easy as it looks. The intern and I had to count cards (we love to gamble) for a big Kate's Paperie order.

Holiday cards in June?

My life is an endless sacrifice.

All of that counting tasted terrible, and so to cleanse her palette, the intern put a lot of ampersands together. That looked exactly like this:

And because I need attention, I made this:

See, it's a profound cultural statement? DO YOU SEE?!

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July 28, 2012

Yankee Ingenuity -> 525 Main Chatham, MA 02633

ANOTHER profile in that special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.

I love a Main Street.

Someday, I will criss-cross this great nation in my (fictional) pick-up with my (fictional) Pocket Pomeranian and my (fictional)) beat-up Polaroid — snapping photos, capturing the quirkiness, the uniqueness, of each Main Street. These will make a great coffee-table book. A companion to my (fictional) Public Bathrooms Across America Book.

The Queen of Main Streets is in Chatham, Massachusetts. Cape Cod. New England's Main Streets look like movie sets and Chatham's Main Street is so adorable it should be wrapped in a blanket and burped.

Yankee Ingenuity carries Zeichen Press cards, so it seemed polite to pay them a visit.

(Notice my friend, Andy. Notice his t-shirt.)

Once inside, my Attention Deficit Disorder became acute and I put on my horse blinders. 

I made my way to the counter and had a nice chat with the owner — she told me that her husband (an amputee) LOVES:

I bet because of the tricorn hat.

There were so many delightful treasures — here are a few that jumped out at me:

I would like a set of eight.

A shark puppet would help me work through my fears.

These little banks would help me save for my criss-crossing America road-trip.

That was fun. I mean, that was hard work. Do I have to hate something to write it off as a business expense?

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April 12, 2012


Normally, mobs carry pitchforks and torches but Cash Mobs are different.


Cash Mobs are a happy sort and their motivation has nothing to do with drawing or quartering. Cash Mobs support local businesses by encouraging shoppers to spend $20 at an independent boutique on a designated day.

Isn't this a beautiful and simple concept? I promise it won't turn into a Black Friday Walmart thing. Leave your pepper spray at home. 

i like you is next on the list. (Saturday, April 14.) Have you ever been?! You will be reduced to a giggling mess.

Just step over the girls.

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January 17, 2012

The Grand Hand Gallery-> 619 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102

ANOTHER profile in that special series dedicated to bringing our readers biased reviews of shops that carry our goods.

Without St. Paul, the Twin Cities would just be Minneapolis and without the Grand Hand Gallery, the corner of Dale and Grand would be full of drugs and vampires.

Ann Ruhr Pifer takes her corner seriously: Her collection of contemporary American craft is curious, beautiful and completely unique. 

Do not go in there if you are not ready to open your purse. Or your heart. I'm kidding, be cold as ice, they will love that.

Go in there and shop for the people in your life that believe in fair trade and personal expression and hugs. But more importantly, go in there and shop for the people in your life that will send you a thank you note.

AND when you do go in there, ask Ann (or one of the other helping grand hands) to write you a love note on the gallery stationery. Why? Because Zeichen Press made it, of course:




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September 29, 2011

And like the phoenix, the New Patina (50th & Bryant) has risen from the ashes of the Old Patina! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

I have said, AND I QUOTE, "If Patina carried a coffin, I would kill myself just to be buried in it."

You may now throw-up. (I swear I'll never quote myself again.)

It's weird that the following photos have Zeichen Press cards in the foreground:

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June 24, 2011

The customs official demanded we tell him our plans while in Toronto. I told him it was none of his business, and as I reached for the silver cigarette case in my coat pocket, I was wrestled to the ground. The tasers saved me a trip to the bathroom. 

Thank God my husband speaks Canadian or we'd still be in the interrogation room.

I should have told that official that my plans were to watch t.v. in my bathroom mirror while soaking in the tub. I think that's what I did? My head still hurts pretty bad from being banged on the terrazzo.

Like Dora the Explorer, I packed a map and a monkey in my backpack, finished my screwdriver, and headed out.

Using the handy Where To Buy page as a guide, I was able to track down three local stores that carry Zeichen Press goods. Needless to say, my reception was overwhelming - being hoisted up on shoulders and paraded down Queen Street was too much. Do you hear me, shopkeepers??


First shop: Outer Layer, a cheerful boutique. Full of fun and, dare I say, whimsy? No. I'll never say that again.

But how else could I describe a doll that is also a cheese grater?

Or the Ann Taintor magnet collection on the antique bank safe??

Or a manager named Jett Black???


On to Shop #2: Valhalla Cards & Gifts:

This shop felt like everything in it was curated by a man named Chadwick. Wait, it was! From the Dumpling Dynasty Bunny Kit:

To the Unicorn Wishes action figure:

This shop wouldn't let me leave - Chadwick finally had to throw me out. But not before he placed an order for more cards.


Okay, onto #3: The Paper Place:

Because paper is my bread & butter, I felt extra reverent crossing the threshold. As I knelt before the card rack, something inside me said, "hey! I wonder if this place has erasers shaped like peanuts."

And it did! I bought the whole bowl.

I hugged the sock zebra before I left. It was time to go. I knew this because I saw the policeman walking through the door.

Until we meet again, Toronto. Until we meet again.